CK Interiors Design Services
Furniture Layout:

The correct placement of furniture plays an integral part in how a room feels and functions. CK Interiors works with client's existing furniture, taking into consideration scale, a room's dimensions and the existing architecture, and then re-arranges for a cohesive, functional, beautiful new look. By incorporating existing furniture, or by starting with new pieces, we can create a fresh and enduring environment that is current, yet speaks of all the traditions your family has already built.


Accessorizing is what brings a room to life – it is the icing on the cake, if you will. Your personal objects & possessions tell the story of your life. Cindy will help you display those precious belongings in a most creative, inspiring way; presenting them in a pleasing manner; creating tablescapes, and vignettes. CK Interiors will work with you to craft an exciting foyer that beckons guests to desire a tour, an inviting bathroom, or perhaps a luxurious bedroom that you want to linger in.

Shopping Services:

Need that perfect piece of furniture, some new throw pillows, or that one-of-a kind accessory to complete your space? Cindy, of CK Interiors, does the shopping for you as she helps you find that perfect piece, that fits flawlessly into your budget. Being a member of the San Francisco Design Center and Galleria, Cindy shops the local home good stores as well.

Color Consulting:

We, at CK Interiors, love color! Changing the paint color on your walls is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to transform a space. The colors placed on your walls can warm up, or cool down a space. Color can also create a certain mood. Do you want to energize your room, or tranquilize it? Cindy can help you choose the best palette for your home.

Energetic Space Clearing:

Energetic Space clearing is as important for our well- being as cleaning our homes. Every thought or action people have will leave an energetic print on our environment over time. Space Clearing clears negative stuck energies from your space/home and allows in more harmony, peace, and abundance in all areas. Some key times to space clear are after a divorce, a sickness, or a death. Cindy energetically clears spaces using Reiki Energy and a Balinese Bell.

Interior Design Consulting:

Sometimes we just need another set of eyes and ideas to jump start a project. This service is provided on an hourly basis as needed.

Full Service Interior Design:

Complete project management from start to finish beginning with an on-site consultation to listen to a client's needs and wants.